The Alfred Emergency & Trauma Centre operates 24 hours a day to provide medical care for people who are acutely ill and injured.

The Emergency & Trauma Centre is a purpose-built modern facility consisting of resuscitation and trauma bays, fully monitored general cubicles, rapid assessment cubicles, fast-track cubicles and a co-located emergency short-stay unit. In the last reporting year 58,000 patients presented to The Alfred Emergency & Trauma Centre, of which 6,568 presented with major trauma.

In 2012 Alfred Health introduced a new program to ensure that all patents receive timely, high-quality care which is consistent with their clinical needs. For patients in the Emergency & Trauma Centre this means prompt upfront assessment by the most senior doctor available, reducing the time spent waiting. 

The high number and unique mix of patients who present to the Emergency & Trauma Centre means that our staff are constantly developing their clinical expertise - ensuring patients receive the highest quality, most appropriate treatment. We work in collaboration with several leading academic institutions, so local research can be undertaken and seamlessly translated into practice for immediate improvements in patient care.