International emergency care programs involve collaboration between doctors, nurses, paramedics and administrators, who travel to developing countries to share their skills and experience with local health professionals.

The goal of this work is always to improve the quality of emergency care delivered to the seriously ill and injured; specifically in countries at extreme levels of development.
These are not-for-profit programs and the health professionals give of their time freely and generously.

Since 2004 the Emergency & Trauma Centre has been engaged in programs in numerous countries including India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Myanmar. The scope of these programs has included providing consultancy for the development of emergency and trauma care systems, emergency and trauma centre physical design and the delivery of short courses intended to improve the capacity of local stakeholders to provide improved, sustainable emergency and trauma care. 

The success of the Emergency & Trauma Centre’s engagement with emergency care providers across south and south-east Asia has been optimised by the focus upon emergency and disaster scenarios. The learning is very much two-way. Alfred Emergency & Trauma Centre staff have gained enormously with the opportunity to work alongside their peers in much less-resourced settings. As a result of the international programs over the last 10 years, the emergency doctors and nurses of The Alfred have developed a considerable breadth of experience in the delivery of successful emergency and trauma care programs across the region.